About us

So what is OULES?

The Oxford University Light Entertainment Society (OULES) is a non-profit making group dedicated to putting on shows for everyone, with 100% of the profits going to charity. We are a small, informal group and aim to encourage first time actors, directors and writers. In other words: we put on silly plays with silly people for good reasons

Do you need to be able to act to join?

No! We take anyone, whatever their experience or ability. We pride ourselves on being the least serious drama group in Oxford, and we spend a good deal of time eating biscuits and having a laugh.

But that doesn’t mean our plays aren’t worth seeing: we have great scripts, wonderful directors and songwriters, and a collection of very talented actors who accidentally found their way in. Besides, it’s loads of fun watching a play when everyone on-stage is clearly enjoying themselves!

So you don't perform Serious Drama?

No. You want OUDS (Oxford University Drama Society) for that. Everything we do is Lightly Entertaining. See?

What do you do then?

Well each term we put on a show – a Lightly Entertaining one as you might have guessed! From our ranks we pull together a script, directors, producers, musicians, and (importantly) a cast and put on a show in 8th Week from which the proceeds go to a deserving cause.

Obviously this changes from year to year, but that’s the jist of things. For an idea of what we did in the past, see our past shows for a list of what we’ve done so far, or come along and join us to find out what’s happening now!


Simply show up to the audition to get a role, with details of when and where the upcoming audition is on the News page.

Alternatively, sign up to our announcement mailing list, or email our president if you miss the auditions and still want to join