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Upcoming Auditions:
Hilary Term 2024

Auditions for this term’s play, Ballad of St Helena, will be this coming Sunday.

If you come to auditions, you are guaranteed a role in this production!

Date: Sunday 14th January 2024, 7-10pm

Location: St Anne’s College, Oxford (Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre)

Upcoming Show:
The Ballad of St Helena

The Ballad of St Helena is a hilarious pastiche of small town living, with a time-travelling twist! On the South Atlantic island of St Helena, three kids, trying to escape from under their father’s thumb, accidently send themselves back in time and bump into the island’s most famous resident: exiled French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte! Hijinks ensue, and when the trio return home they find that by meddling in the past, things in the present aren’t quite as they left them…

All profits to charity!

Date: 6-7th February 2024, 7:30pm (Week 8 Weds-Thurs)

Location: Oriel College, Oxford (Harris Lecture Theatre)

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